The College of Health Sciences, Nile University of Nigeria runs a six-year MBBS degree programme.

Prospective students who fulfil the admission requirements are admitted into the 100 Level of the programme, which is the pre-med year. Students take courses in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English and other General Studies courses. A pass mark of 50% is required for progression from first to second semester and from second semester to 200 Level. Direct entry and transfer students who fulfil the admission requirement begin their course in 200 Level.

The College strongly believes in training the 21st century clinician, therefore our curriculum at 200 and 300 Level includes problem based learning and basic clinical skills. We also equip our students with research skills by engaging them in congress scientific research work, the results of which are presented to an international audience in the medical congress at the Nile University. The College is organising its maiden International Student Conference which will feature the research work of the current 100 and 200 Level students.

The Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry) are taught in the 200 and 300 Levels. The students also commence their Community Medicine courses from 200 Level. The curriculum is delivered in a modular system. 200 and 300 Level lectures are a mix of small group teachings, seminars; problem based learning groups and didactic lectures using audiovisual modalities. Students have access to world class equipments in our community medicine laboratory and museum, medical biochemistry laboratory, physiology laboratory, basic clinical skills laboratory and anatomy dissection laboratory and museum.

Students are required to write modular exams during the session, which counts towards their promotional examination in 200 Level and their first professional examination in 300 Level. To be promoted to 300 Level, students must pass all three basic medical science courses (Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology) with at least 50% in each course. A pass of 50% in all three courses in the professional examination conducted in 300 Level (First MB) required for progression to 400 Level.

In 300 Level, students will be introduced to some basic clinical science courses, which they will continue in their 400 Level. A pass of 50% in all courses examined in the second professional examination taken at the end 400 Level is required for progression to 500 Level.

The Clinical Sciences commence in 500 Level and continues into 600 Level. Our teaching hospital will be Nizamiye Hospital. Professional Examinations will be taken at 500 Level and 600 Level respectively. A pass of 50% is required for progression.

A student who fulfills all graduation requirements at the end of 600 Level will be conferred with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, and shall be eligible for provisional registration with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.