The Department of Medical Biochemistry was created to satisfy the requirements of Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. Biochemistry, one of the core components of Basic Medical Sciences, provides knowledge that forms part of the foundation of medical education and practice. The Department is responsible for teaching and research of Medical Biochemistry in the College of Health Sciences. Indeed, biochemistry lectures are integrated with anatomy and physiology for adequate correlation with clinical scenarios. The aim and objectives of the Department of Medical Biochemistry are:


The aim of Department of Medical Biochemistry is to prepare medical students for professional practice by providing a sound knowledge of basic biochemistry required to solve common clinical scenarios.


The following objectives are set to achieve the above aim:

  1. To provide medical graduates with sufficient knowledge of biochemistry for medical education
  2. To introduce students to simple clinical applications of biochemistry
  3. To provide medical graduates with a general knowledge of research in biochemistry
  4. To produce medical graduates with sound knowledge of biochemistry to meet international standard
  5. To produce medical graduates with sound ethical behavior
  6. To engage in biochemical research tailored towards solving clinical problems.