About Department

This branch of medicine deals with prevention of disease and promotion of health through the use of comprehensive health services ranging from preventive, curative to rehabilitative services. Courses in the department are aimed towards furthering the knowledge of Community Medicine and its relevance in Nigeria health care system. A broad multidisciplinary approach to public health and clinical issues are taught as well as epidemiological studies to identify prevalent health problems in the community and determine the effective means of alleviating them. The department is designed towards providing cutting edge research methodologies for preventive, curative services and promotion of health in our communities.


Administrative Staff

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Academic Staff

  • Dr Nneka Okafoagu (Lecturer I)
  • Rabiyya Abdullahi (Assistant Lecturer)

Technical Staff

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COM 201: Introduction to Community Medicine (Suggest Module: Building Block)
COM 201History of Medicine1Lect1Dr Nneka
COM 201Role of the Community Health Physician0.5Lect0.5Dr Nneka
COM 201Evolution of Healthcare Delivery in Nigeria1Lect1Rabiyya
COM 201Behavioural and Non-Behavioural factors in health and disease1Lect1Dr Nneka
COM 201Community Medicine Lab (Field Visit to PHC)3Lab3Dr Nneka & Rabiyya
COM 201Tutorial2Tut2Dr Nneka & Rabiyya
COM 202: Medical Sociology and Anthropology (Suggested Module: Locomotion and Com Med)
COM 202Definition of Health, Disease, Sickness, Illness1Lect1Dr Nneka
COM 202Health Behaviour and Illness Behaviour1Lect1Rabiyya
COM 202Beliefs, Values, Norms, Superstitions, Taboos etc1Lect1Rabiyya
COM 202Social structure and health (family and society)2Lect2Dr Ahmed
COM 202Human Organisations and Systems (socialization and social classification)2Lect2Dr Ahmed
COM 202Determinants of Health2Lect2Dr Nneka
COM 202Lifestyle, Illness and Health1Lect1Rabiyya
COM 202Traditional and Modern Health Systems1Lect1Rabiyya
COM 202Doctor/Patient Relationship1Lect1Dr Ahmed
COM 202Social Deviance; Alcoholism; Drug Abuse; Smoking2Lect2Dr Ahmed
COM 202Community Medicine Lab (Family system)3Lab3Dr Ahmed/ Dr Nneka
COM 202Community Medicine Lab (Social classification and socialization)3Lab3Dr Ahmed/ Dr Nneka
COM 202Tutorial2Tut2Dr Ahmed, Dr Nneka, Rabiyya
COM 203: Biostatistics (Suggested Module: Locomotion and Com Med)
COM 203Application and uses of Biostatistics1.5Lect1.5Omolola
COM 203Data, types of data, presentation of data2Lect2Omolola
COM 203Frequency Distribution1Lect1Omolola
COM 203Measures of central tendency1.5Lect1.5Omolola
COM 203Measures of Dispersion1.5Lect1.5Omolola
COM 203Population and sampling techniques2Lect2Omolola
COM 203Introduction to probability2Lect2Omolola
COM 203Inferential statistics2Lect2Omolola
COM 203T-test, F-test, Z-test, Chi square2Lect2Omolola
COM 203Community Medicine Lab (Presentation of data)3Lab3Omolola
COM 203Community Medicine Lab (practical calculation)3Lab3Omolola
COM 202Tutorial2Tut2Omolola
COM 204: Public Health Nutrition (Suggested Module: Energy and Substrates)
COM 204Interaction between Nutrition and health1Lect1
COM 204Food Classification1Lect1
COM 204Child feeding practices1Lect1
COM 204Nutrition Education1Lect1
COM 204Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies1Lect1
COM 204Culture and Nutrition, beliefs and Taboos1Lect1
COM 204Protein, energy and malnutrition1Lect1
COM 204Applied Dietetics1.5Lect1.5
COM 204Nutrition Rehabilitation1Lect1
COM 204Tutorial2tut2
COM 205: Demography (Suggested Module: Genitourinary)
COM 205Sources of Demographic Data/Population Composition I2Lect2Omolola
COM 205Sources of Demographic Data/Population Composition II2Lect2Omolola
COM 205Demographic Transition/Population Theories1.5Lect1.5Omolola
COM 205Census: Local, National and World Population Policy1Lect1Omolola
COM 205Population structure, dynamic, growth and projection2Lect2Omolola
COM 205Community Medicine Lab (Population Pyramids)3Lab3Omolola
COM 205Tools of Demographic Data in measurements of health and disease/ratios and rates2Lect2Omolola
COM 205Standardization of Vital Rates2Lect2Omolola
COM 205Interaction between medical action, population, health and population growth1Lect1Omolola
COM 205Tutorial1Tut1